Happy hens lay delicious eggs! That's what we've discovered by raising our own chickens, and now we want to share those eggs with you. Our chickens are lovingly raised and tended right in our own one-acre yard and also have access to the surrounding family farmland. Our flock is fed antibiotic-free food, given supervised free range access, and receives plenty of chicken-friendly goodies and treats like mealworms, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. You can taste the difference in our eggs! OUr meat flock receives the same quality care as our laying flock. They are pasture raised, so they get to live outside enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and all the things chickens love to do. you can truly taste the difference that quality care makes. our poultry is moist, tender and delicious. if that wasn't enough, it's also antibiotic-free and hormone-free. there's nothing in our chicken but chicken!