Welcome to The Cluck Wagon, where happy hens lay delicious eggs!

We are a small, backyard hobby farm raising happy, healthy chickens. We believe that happy hens lay the most delicious eggs, and we'd   love nothing more than to share our farm-fresh eggs with you and your family.

Where your food comes from matters. After growing up on a farm with our own chickens, it was a big adjustment switching to tasteless eggs bought at the grocery store. That's why we started raising our own chickens - so we could enjoy FRESH eggs that actually taste GOOD! And did you know that eggs from pastured and free-range chickens are better for you? On top of that, our chickens enjoy a       good life doing those things that chickens are supposed to do - basking in the sun, eating bugs, sneaking bites from the garden. We've even caught them chasing butterflies! We invite you to give our eggs a try. We think you'll like them, too!

We also offer naturally and pasture-raised Cornish broilers. Sold as a whole bird for $4 a pound, our poultry is hormone-free and antibiotic-free. There's nothing in our chicken but chicken!